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Trenchant Global Solutions, LLC is a single-source facility management solution for private, public, and Federal Government customers that require affordable and more effective maintenance solutions.


We provide many types of quality, value-centric services that span the spectrum when it comes to your O&M (operations and maintenance) needs. Our Facilities Team and Executive Team strategically work together to tailor our services to meet the unique needs and demands of your business, at an affordable price. 

Trenchant differentiates ourselves from similar businesses by using an automated mobile-based janitorial program. This program provides real-time cleaning updates to both Trenchant and our customers, provides seamless quality control check processes, and automated tracking of our inventory. While this is all wonderful, perhaps most important to our customers is that this program allows us to reduce the overall cost of performance. 


Trenchant is proud to provide excellent services to any customer; however, expanding our footprint to help new customers all around the country is our goal. If these times have taught us anything, it is that dedication to a superiorly clean working environment can make a huge difference to production, efficiency, and morale - and we can do that for you! 


1. Janitorial Services: 

Keep your facility in tip-top shape around the clock with our comprehensive Janitorial Services. Whether you need help staying on-top of your cleaning to-do list at your office, school buildings, healthcare environment, or special event assistance - Trenchant is the top choice! 

  • General Office Cleaning

  • School Building Cleaning 

  • Healthcare Environment Cleaning 

  • Carpet/Furniture Shampooing

  • Restroom Servicing

  • Floor Stripping & Waxing

  • Marble Floor Maintenance

  • Exterior Polishing

  • Window Washing

  • Trash Collection/Recycling

  • Elevator/Escalator Cleaning

  • Light Fixture Cleaning

  • Furniture Moves

  • Special Event Support & Cleaning

  • Day Porter Service

  • Pest Control

  • Basic Cleaning Services

  • Deep Cleaning Services 

  • Electrostatic Cleaning 

  • And more! 

2. Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance: 

The first impression a new customer, client, employee, or executive gets from your business is from your surrounding area and grounds. Let Trenchant help you make the first impression you want to make - each and every time - by enlisting us to provide top-notch services tailored for your unique needs and goals! 

  • Power Washing

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Seasonal Planting

  • Trimming & Pruning

  • Sprinkler Repair

  • Parking Lot Sweeping

  • Snow/Ice Removal

  • Line Stripping

  • Tree Removal

  • And Many More!

3. Electrical & Lighting Services: 

Lighting is an essential component of every business, and we can help make sure that the lights stay on - literally and figuratively. Our certified technicians can help your business glow for an affordable price while also reducing the chance of costly bulb burnouts that could lead to harm to employees, clients, or customers. Here is a list of some of our most popular electrical and lighting services: 

  • Wiring & Rewiring Services

  • Upgrades & Improvements

  • New Equipment Installations

  • Specialty Lighting

  • Safety & Security Lighting

  • Energy-Efficient Lighting

  • And More!

4. HVAC & Mechanical Services: 

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Services are essential to the comfortable operation of any business including Office Buildings, Schools, and Healthcare Facilities. Our certified technicians will do all the heavy lifting to install, service, and tune-up your units so that your facilities remain comfortable, operable, and profitable all year round! 

  • Cooling & Heating Upgrades

  • Energy-Efficient Temperature Control

  • New Equipment Installations

  • Split System Implementation

  • Large & Small Rooftop Units

  • Air Distribution Systems

  • Equipment Rentals

  • Entire System Analysis

  • 24/7 Emergency Support & Services


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